We dedicate this video to all of the children of meth and other drug-addicted parents.
Quick facts:
  • Crystal Meth has been making a comeback in the US due to supply from across the border and it’s use is tripling in many rural areas.
  • Meth has many street names including crank,chalk, speed, ice and glass.
  • Meth destroys parts of the brain, destroys body tissues (making people look old), also rots the teeth (“meth mouth”), creates a FALSE sense of happiness, and can eventually destroy a person’s ability to feel pleasure because of the brain’s dopamine receptors being destroyed.
  • Meth is highly addictive, in the same class of illegal drugs as cocaine, and is an exceptionally difficult addiction to break.
  • Meth is also the cause for many children to live in poverty, crisis, neglect, abuse and foster care.
For more facts on meth use and treatment, visit the websites for the Center for Disease Control or National Institute on Drug Abuse.
For immediate help or treatment, there are many national hotlines available. Here are a few:
  • 1-888-319-2606 Recovery.org – 24 hour help hotline and “help finding a reputable crystal meth addiction recovery center” nationwide.
  • 1-855-363-2334 Teen Challenge – Religious-based program that can help you locate a treatment center nationwide.
  • 1-844-3-HOPE-NOW Hope is Alive – Oklahoma based recovery help.


Also, to find PEACE WITH GOD, click here. You can find someone to talk to and even be connected to an online Bible study and local church.